Windows and doors

The plastic and aluminum windows and doors are produced by using German and Austrian raw materials which intend to meet the highest standards. Besides, we offer 10 year basic warranty and an extra 15 years warranty in case of the 5 years repair and maintenance works are done by our company.

Currently there are 150-200 plastic window manufacturer acting in Hungary. Our company focuses the production of featured products which coupled with high technical content. The most important parts of the windows are the glasses which quality highly define the quality of the whole window. We produce our windows with heat-insulating, sound-proof, sun protected and with safety glasses. The qualified glasses are produced by our own glass plant with one of the widest range of selection across the country.

We undertake the delivery of our products across the country and to the EU with specific conditions.

Please always consider the below before buying windows:

  • buy the products from the manufacturer directly, because the resellers are often „disappear” or „transform” which could cause lost warranties.
  • the origin, the structure, the integration depth of the plastic profile, the number of rubber seal and the steel reinforcement.
  • the type, origin and qualification of the fittings
  • the structure, qualification and the protection against burglary ability of the glasses. The minimum 3 layers of glasses are acceptable only for today’s standards.
  • heat-insulating and sound-proof ability of the glasses
  • the manufacturer of the window together with the warranty
  • the minimum 10 years of warranty is a basic requirement nowdays

1. Profile

The raw materials for plastic doors and windows are purchased from the biggest plastic profile manufacturer in Europe, from the German company, Troplast A.G. This company produces the Kömmerling, KBE and the Trocal profiles as well. We decided to use the Trocal brand and have been working with it for a long time.


Trocal is a result of 50 year window production.

Trocal 88 Main characterictics:

  • 88mm installation depths
  • 6 chamber systems
  • Patented cross webs
  • “I” rubber gaskets,
  • steel reinforcement
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Break-resistant
  • Particularly long lifetime
  • Color-fast and scratch-resistant, needs of little maintenance only
  • Easy cleaning

We use the below commodities

2. Fittings

For our doors and windows we use the best fittings in Europe, the type of multimatic from the Austrian Maco.

Main characteristics:

  • Protection agains faulty operation
  • Gap ventilation
  • Increased protection against forced entry
  • Long lifetime, 10 year warranty

3. Glasses

Mirold energy saving 3-layers heat-insulated glass.

We always provide 3-layers glassesas basic to our windows. The thickness of the glass structure is 48 mm, Ug: 0,5 W/m2K. This is a top quality glass structure with up to 50% better heat-insulating ability than the usual Ug:1.0 two-layers glasses.

Ug=0,5 W/m2K
Uf=0,9 W/m2K
Uw-=0,75 W/m2K

In this case there is a sun protected coating on the inside part of the external glass from the 3 layers what we produce with different type of colours. The thickness of the glass structure is 48 mm, Ug: 0,6 W/m2K.

Ug=0,6 W/m2K
Uf=0,9 W/m2K
Uw-=0,8 W/m2K

The 3-layers glases can be produce with extra sound-proof and type A1 forced entry protected glasses. The thickness of the glass structure is 48-52 mm, Ug: 0,68 W/m2K, and the sound proof is minimum 45 dB.

We offer our extra 4-layers heat-insulated glasses for passive houses mainly. The thickness of the glass structure is 52 mm, Ug: 0,4 W/m2K.

Ug=0,4 W/m2K
Uf=0,9 W/m2K
Uw-=0,68 W/m2K

Uf  = the heat transfer coefficient of the plastic profile
Ug = the heat transfer coefficient of the heat-insulated glasses
Uw = the heat transfer coefficient of the whole window structure according to the Rosenheim qualification

10 years warranty

  • for white and coloured plastic profile in case of standard usage
  • for the fog of heat-insulated glasses
  • for the fittings in case of standard usage and compliance with maintenance regulations
  • does not apply for door handles and locks, and for lesions, mechanical demages caused by agressive materials


We always enclose the warranty paper and the maintenance guide to our products.

10+15 years warranty

  • we provide you an extra 15 years warranty beside the basic 10 years if you make us to be in charged of the 5 years maintenance works with the payment of the costs.

3 years

  • • for the blinds and insect net sin case of standard usage