Standard and increased heat-insulating glass

In Hungary, by the end of 90s, the normal insulating glass configuration was composed of float glass with 4-14-4 mm partitions with an average emissivity of Ug = 2,8 W/m2K. As a result of the technical development has appeared the soft-coated Low-E glass with argon gas filling reducing this factor to UG=1,1 W/m2K. This value is considered nowadays as the minimally required basic emissivity figure. These days the increased heat-insulating glasses are produced in 3 layers. Our company manufactures 3-layered glasses since 2002, with EMI qualification.

Solar Control and Thermal Insulating Glass

These glasses protect your home from heat of solar radiation. They can be created in two, three or four layers and in combination with Low-E glass their performance and level of energy efficiency can be enhanced.
There are three possible coatings that can be carried up to the glass surface: hard coating offers solar control, semi-hard coating ensures increased solar control while multifunctional coating guarantees solar and heat control as well.

Safety-Insulated and increaesd sound protected glasses

Keeps intruders out or at least slow them, ensures safety in case of glass breaking and minimizes the risk of injury, besides provides an increased sound control. They can be created in two, three or four layers. Low-e coating glass can improve their heat-control performance.

Produced by using laminated glasses. By applying laminated glass on both sides of the insulating glass, the safety increases significantly. If the laminated glass is created with SLA layer instead of PVB, then considerable sound protection can be reached in case of this type of insulating glass.

Fire-blocking insulated glasses

Other types of insulated glassses (Decorative, with Georgian bar)